Come and try the burgers that visitors to Bali are talking about!


Whether youʼre entertaining 10 guests or 200,
let Dod's Burger handle the food with some
fresh and mouth-watering juicy burgers.


Following the momentum of our success in Bali,
Dod’s Burger are now looking for franchisees
to take the brand to other locations!


Welcome to Dod’s Burger
in Beautiful Bali

“Our story begins in the Island of Gods – one of the most beautiful islands in the world also widely known as Bali. Rain or shine, our fresh and juicy burgers are served to both the locals and the five million visitors who visit the island each year.

Our journey to Bali has traversed thousands of miles spanning three continents, where our unique taste was originally inspired by the culinary traditions of Canada, Australia, and of course Bali herself !

That journey has now made a permanent stop in Bali, where we are located right in the hearts of Canggu and Seminyak. Come and try the burgers that everybody is talking about! “


Only The Best
Fresh Ingredients

HANDMADE FRESHNESS. That’s what we stand for but what do we actually mean?

It means that at Dod’s Burger we serve only the freshest burgers using the freshest ingredients, cooked and grilled the moment you order. The glass window kitchen we install in our outlets even allows you to watch the cooking process.

Unlike other franchises, we never use reheating machine nor do we ever serve reheated food. Every burger that’s served to your table comes hot right off our griller!

We believe in FRESHNESS because FRESHNESS makes all the difference !


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A unique and rewarding place to work

We’re always looking for the best people to join our diverse and energetic team!

We provide a friendly working environment where honesty, hard work, and customer focus are valued highly. Not only that, employees get unique benefits such as being allowed to leave for home early for up to 8 times a month!

Dod’s Burger is also an equal opportunity employer. We do not hire based on race, religion, or color.


Stand For Something Good

At Dod’s Burger, our philosophy and mission is to give back to the community we’re operating in.

In the past we’ve donated to a lot of good causes around Bali. And at present, we’re working directly with the Bali Street Kids Project which has built a school and gives free schooling to street kids in the Kuta area,

Stand for something good and help us bring a smile to people less fortunate than ourselves!