7 Reasons Why Dod’s Burger is the best burger in Bali

March 9, 2020

Best Burger in Bali

Everybody who has visited Bali may have come across or heard about our burgers from others. In our two or so years of doing business, we have cemented our place among the best burger places in Bali. Here are 7 quick reasons why we believe we serve the best burgers in Bali.

We don’t simply just come up with these reasons off the top of our heads. There is a lot of social proofing involved, and these are simply what our customers are telling us.

So here we go,  7 reasons why Dod’s Burger is the best burger joint in Bali :

Reason 1 – Handmade freshness

At Dod’s Burger, we only use the freshest ingredients delivered to us on the same day. All of the produce and meat that we use are sourced locally to support local farmers. Not only that, we never use reheating machine or serve reheated food like some of our competitors do. Every meal that we deliver to your table is fresh off the griller, and is cooked the moment you make your order.  This freshness makes all the difference!

Reason 2 – Special secret sauces

All of our special burger sauces are made in-house, and blended from selected ingredients that are unique to our brand. We crafted these sauces by working with the best in the business in Canada, and tested by the best critics in Australia before we landed in Bali.

Reason 3 – Imported quality

Although most of ingredients are sourced locally, we realize that with some ingredients, imported quality is better than local quality. So for certain ingredients like mayonnaise, cheese, chipotle, gherkins, we only use high quality imported products to bring out the most in our flavor.

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Reason 4 – Soft, brioche buns

Our buns are served hot off the toaster. By using a professional commercial toaster and setting it at the precise temperature, we ensure that the brioche comes out of the buns to give the buns that soft touch, perfect color, and delicious flavor.

Reason 5 – Reasonable prices with NO surcharge

Our prices are very reasonable considering we are located at premium locations in Bali. Also, we don’t hit our customers with a 5% surcharge that most of our competitors do. In Bali, be careful of dining at a restaurant where the 5% surcharge is billed, because most (maybe even all) of that money goes to the pockets of the rich owners instead of  their minimum-wage employees.  At Dod’s Burger, even though we don’t charge that 5% service charge, we are still paying our staff bonus/tips every month.

Reason 6 – Customer happiness

We strive to deliver not just the best customer service, but we aim to deliver customer happiness to every guest who walks into the door. But what is “customer happiness” ? Customer happiness goes further than customer satisfaction in that it encompasses intangible things that make a customer happy such as : how welcoming our staff are, interaction with our staff while dining, the ambience of the diner, how comfortable the seats are, and so on.

Reason 7 – We stand for something good

We donate, on a monthly basis, a percentage of our revenue to social causes and charities in Bali. At the moment, we are partnering with the Bali Smile Foundation and the East Bali Poverty Project to support their programs.. In addition, 100% of the money collected at the donation boxes at our outlets go directly to these foundations. I encourage you to call these foundations directly to verify our partnership.

Do you need any more reason not to visit the famous Dod’s Burger in Bali ?  Pop down to one of your outlets and see for yourself why we have arguably become the best burger in Bali!

Author’s note :

Hello I am Eddy and co-owner of Dod’s Burger outlets in Canggu and Seminyak, Bali. I have been in the burger business for a number of years, and I can help you start your own burger business, from concept stage to operational. I also give advice to those who want to start a business in Bali. Please reach out if you would like me to help you at 

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