You’re Not Just Serving Food, You’re Serving a Community

December 4, 2019

No restaurant is operated or is located in a vacuum. You should make sure to adapt your ideas and your business to your neighbourhood; but to be really successful you have to go even further.

A restaurant can only have lasting success if it becomes part of the neighbourhood. Make your business fit in with the local community, no matter what cuisine you serve.

Ultimately, your restaurant should become a neighborhood restaurant.

Giving it a name that connects it locally is a one good idea. Union Square Cafe for example, has become the cafe for Union Square, New York.

Your restaurant has to stand for the community, as do your local suppliers, so hire local suppliers whenever possible.

Restaurants also need to give back to the neighbourhood and community. Importantly, when you give to the community, the community gives back. Your restaurant can become the landmark of your particular neighbourhood, because of the intimate connection you have with the local communnity.

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