What Kitchen Equipements Do I Need to Start a Burger Business?

December 4, 2019

Whether your burger business uses a char-broiler or griddle (whether gas-powered or electric) for its patties, chances are you’ll be using that same cooking surface for a number of other menu items.

Other equipment you’ll likely need may include commercial refrigeration and freezers, a commercial dishwasher, a vegetable slicer, a French fry cutter, a commercial fryer, a hamburger press, and more. And depending on your business model, you may need furniture for guest dining as well as soda machines and front-of-house equipment for presentation of napkins, condiments, etc.

Space is something to think about during the site selection phase; when you are choosing your venue. The rule of thumb: the back of the house in a table-service, non-fine-dining concept should not consume more than a third of the total restaurant space. The kitchen could take up more of the total space if the chosen concept is heavily drive-through-centric, with less need for in-store dining.

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